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Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids to 'Hop on Pop' — Pops Not Amused

Jimmy Kimmel gets kids to "hop on Pop"

Oh, Jimmy Kimmel. How we love the hilarious pranks he gets his viewers to do. And while most of our favorites involve him calling on parents to torment their children — from giving them terrible Christmas presents to eating all of their Halloween candy — this week's prank turned the tables, big time. Well, at least on Dad.

In celebration of Father's Day, Kimmel asked viewers to capture a simple moment on video and upload it to YouTube: Jump on Dad while he's sleeping, while yelling "Hop on Pop!" (A la the Dr. Seuss book, of course.)

The results were pretty hilarious, though we did feel a bit bad for some of the dads, who were genuinely freaked out by being woken from a sound sleep to their screaming kids — who in many cases managed to target some very delicate areas as they hopped on Pop.

Some Dads scream right back at their kids; others just laid there, curled up in pain and confusion over what had just occurred. It's safe to say the majority of dads (if not all) were certainly not amused. But their kids sure were!

Image via YouTube

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