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WATCH: 'HelloFlo' Ad Makes Periods Look Pretty Hilarious

Hilarious "HelloFlo" ad features tween who can't wait to get her period

Most of us were dreading our "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret" moment back in middle school. But for Katie — the star of HelloFlo's latest tampon commercial — becoming a woman just can't come soon enough.

But can you blame her? When everyone at school has their period but her (including "stupid Vicky"), Katie wants nothing more than to just jump on the bandwagon along with them. So with a borrowed maxi pad, some strategically applied red glitter nail polish, and the employment of some stellar acting chops, Katie aims to fool her friends and her mom into thinking she's got hers, too.

Here's the thing, though: Mom is way smarter than that. (She also has had this period thing long enough to know that it doesn't come along with glitter.)

So to call her daughter's bluff, Mom arranges for a "First Moon Party" to celebrate Katie's newly arrived period. And, man, it's comedy gold. Soon, everyone is arriving to congratulate her on her non-existent period — from her grandpa to her mom's friend at work (who hilariously brings a gift of coffee filters, as makeshift pads).

While we didn't think HelloFlo could upstage last year's "Camp Gyno" video — but it looks like we were wrong!

Image via YouTube

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