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Twin Brothers Born a Remarkable 39 Days Apart

Twin boys born 39 days apart

Twins are often born minutes apart, and in some more rare cases, even a few days apart. But over a month apart? Well, that's something you don't see every day.

For a Kansas City, Mo., family, though, that's exactly how their twin baby boys made their grand entrances into the world — one arriving at just 24 weeks old, and another at 30 weeks, a full 39 days later.

Baby Carl was the first up, when mom Elene Cowan went into premature labor on January 20. Doctors were afraid that also delivering his brother David would be too risky, since he was remarkably weaker, and decided to let him grow inside Mom for just a bit longer. Days soon turned into weeks while the doctors stalled labor with medication and treatments, in the hopes that more time in the womb would give little David a better chance at survival.

In the meantime, Mom Elene, a 30-year-old emergency room nurse, watched over her firstborn, Carl, who was being cared for in the NICU. So tiny was Carl, that Elene was even able to slip her engagement ring right around his wrist, with room to spare.

But that tiny 1.4-pound baby did his best to grow some while he waited for his brother to arrive on March 30. By the time David was born on March 30, Carl had grown to 2.9 lbs. Today, both boys weigh in at more than 9 pounds each, and their doctors say that they're expected to grow to be "perfectly healthy normal boys."

That's great news for Mom and Dad, who went through some dark days when the boys were not doing well. "I thought that I was going to lose both of them," Elene told ABC News.

“I didn’t think miracles happen but I know they did,” she continued. “When your ring can fit around your son’s arm, and now you’re holding him and feeding him and playing with him on the floor — that can only be a miracle.”

The twins' remarkable story tops another similar birth that made headlines earlier this month, when Boston brothers Alexandre and Ronaldo de Silva were born 24 days apart.

In both cases, the incredible stories come with one major bonus we know the boys will appreciate down the road — they each get to celebrate their birthdays on their own special day!

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Image via ABC News

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