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Boy Discovers 'Letter from Heaven' on Father's Day (and It Will Melt Your Heart)

Boy gets Father's Day letter from dad at his grave site

On Father's Day of 2014, as millions of kids delivered their dads breakfast in bed or enjoyed family cook-outs to celebrate the day, an 8-year-old boy from the U.K. named Gino Valentine wished his dad a Happy Father's Day in a very different way — he visited his grave.

Sadly, his dad Daryl Valentine died a few years back, and Gino has been visiting his grave with his mum ever since.

But this year was different. As he walked up to the grave and set down his Father's Day card, Gino's mom Gayle spotted something new left in front — it was a letter, sealed in a white envelope and addressed to Gino. Setting her iPhone to record, Gayle urged Gino to read the letter aloud.

In it, Dad sends lots of love to little Gino and the rest of the family, and assures him that if he could come back to see them, he would; but unfortunately that's against the rules of Heaven. So instead, he managed to sneak this letter down instead. Dad sweetly tells Gino how he watches over everything — from the good to the bad — and thinks Gino's doing just wonderfully (aside from those bad words he lets slip every now and again).

The resulting video, which was shared by Gayle on Facebook later that day, has received over 35,000 and 16,400 likes so far. And it's no wonder, since it is nothing short of heartwarming.

The letter reads:

Hi Gino, thank you for coming to see me on Father's Day.

I know you don't remember me very well as I came here when you were only three and a half, but I do see you, Sophie, nanny and Granny and dad and auntie Laura all the time.

Even though you can't see me, I see you are doing very well at school. You have moved to Castledown which I think was a very good idea and yes, I hear you saying bad words.

Sometimes when you are angry, it's OK to be angry, but please don't use bad words. It isn't very nice to hear.

I wanted to come and see you but I can't 'cause it's not allowed when we go to Heaven so I sneaked a letter inside for you to read. I miss you and I don't get older like mummy does!

[Gino turns around smiling as Gayle gasps and says "cheeky!"]

I hope I know how much I love you Gino, I am always listening and watching you all so don't worry.

Give nanny and Granddad and auntie Laura a kiss for me please.

Lots of love, Daddy.

You can watch Gino reading the letter over on Gayle's Facebook page. Our favorite part, of course, is at the end of the video when Gino looks back up at his mum and says simply: "I'm going to take this home with us."

That's one Father's Day he won't soon forget.

Image via Facebook

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