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WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Gets Some Much-Needed Diaper Changing Advice from a 6-Year-Old

Jimmy Kimmel gets diaper changing advice from 6-year-old

As everyone knows by now, putting Jimmy Kimmel, a kid under 10 and a camera in the same room is sure to result in comedy gold. And last week, the late-night host had us laughing again with the in-depth chat he shared with a 6-year-old girl named Isla. The main topic of conversation? Poopy diapers. (Specifically, how to master the art of changing them.)

See, Jimmy's due to become a dad again soon with his wife, Molly, but since his older kids are long out of the baby phase, he desperately needs a brush-up course on parenting a newborn. And who better to mentor him than a 6-year-old? (Genius plan, Jimmy. Genius.)

The only problem? As soon as he consults little Isla on the ins and outs of diaper changing, it's clear right away that Jimmy has no clue what he's doing with a baby. How does he hold it exactly? Does he really have to touch the poop? Can you ... eat the poop?

Isla does her best to give Jimmy a few pointers, by practicing on a baby doll herself — but when Jimmy starts eating the fake poop in the baby's diaper, it's clear this is going to be an uphill battle.

Image via YouTube

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