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Google Responds to Little Girl's Adorable Letter

Google responds to little girl's letter asking for more time off for her dad

You may think that life is pretty sweet when your dad works for Google. And for the most part, you'd probably be right. (Take Your Kid to Work Day? We can't even imagine how cool that is there.)

But as one little girl by the name of Katie proved this week, there is one downside to being on Team Google: you're constantly working. And when the Google worker in question is your dad — who has a very important birthday coming up, and it's summer — a day off in the middle of the week would be a real treat.

So goes Katie's recently penned note to the Internet giant, which was scrawled across looseleaf paper in blue crayon in a child's adorable hand. In it, she notes that her dad pretty much works six days a week, and that it would be really great if he got an extra day off once in a while — like, say, a random Wednesday like today, which just so happens to be his birthday.

Yep. Too cute. Especially the whole "P.P.S." part, which we couldn't agree with more.

Apparently Katie's passionate letter made it all the way up to the powers that be at Google, who wrote back with a very sweet response letter. Signed by Daniel Shiplacoff, one of Google's Senior Designers (and apparently now Best Boss Ever), the note grants Katie's wish, and even does her one better — he gives Dad the whole first week of July off!

See, parents? Next time you want some free paid vacation time, take a lesson from little Katie and get your kid to do the dirty work for you. It may just work like a charm.

Images via Reddit

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