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12-Year-Old Concocts Elaborate (Fake) Kidnapping Scheme to Avoid the Dentist

Boy invents kidnapping story to avoid going to the dentist
Photograph by Getty Images/moodboard RF

We get it; kids hate the dentist. The sound of the drill, whirring in the distance as it makes its way closer; that scary chair, surrounded by metal objects of torture ... it's all rather menacing to those of young age. But according to multiple reports, one kid in France recently let his fear of the dentist get the best of him. So scared was he of a possible root canal at his latest appointment, that he drummed up a completely fake kidnapping story just to avoid a date with the drill.

As the New York Daily News reports, it all started back on May 21, when the 12-year-old French boy was supposed to be heading to a dental appointment, but instead went suddenly missing. Frantic, his parents called police, who later found him hiding somewhere in the Alpine village of St. Gervais.

Now, you might assume the average kid would admit right then and there that he ran away because he simply did not want to sit in the dentist's chair.

But not this kid.

While being questioned by the police, he immediately began to spin the dramatic tale of a near-kidnapping, and explained that he had just escaped an abduction in the nearby town of Bagnois. But that's not all; this kid — who apparently knows how to craft a believable lie — began to give specific details about the scar-faced kidnapper he had escaped from. The evil man in question had lured the young boy to his car for directions, just as he was about to head off for that dentist appointment.

And just like that, said the boy, he was pulled into the man's car and whisked away. By pure luck, the car stopped along the road at some point, which is when the 12-year-old managed to open up the car door and run to freedom. His captor, who sped off, was described as a European man in his 30s, with a muscular build, 5 foot 7 inches tall with a scar that ran vertically up his cheek. The boy even described the make and model of his car.

But the jig was up a month later, after authorities spent weeks investigating the case, but were coming up dry. They finally reviewed some security footage from Bagnois that made then question the boy's story, and brought him in to talk.

There, the whole tale unraveled, and the kid finally admitted his true reason: He simply did not want to get in that dentist chair.

You have to hand it to him — the kid is a pretty artful storyteller. His parents on the other hand? We're sure they went from worried and concerned to fuming mad in about 60 seconds over this one.

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