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WATCH: Dog Teaches Baby How to Crawl

Dog teaches baby how to crawl

Meet Buddy and Bear Bear, the adorable duo taking YouTube by storm.

Buddy is the well-meaning family pooch who recently took it upon himself to help his baby friend — adorably nicknamed "Bear Bear" — learn to crawl for the first time. (Because she was clearly not getting the hang of it on her own.)

Watch as Bear Bear tries admirably to work her way across the carpet, and Buddy steps in to show her how it's done.

He is, to put it mildly, a crawling pro.

Can't get enough? Neither can we. Good news is, theres more where that came from.

Here they are again, proving practice makes perfect:

Thanks to Bear Bear's mom, Valerie Stevens-Scott, who bestowed these adorable clips upon the Internet when she uploaded them to YouTube earlier this week. We are forever in her debt.

Image via YouTube

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