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Awesome Kid Wears Interesting Accessory in His Yearbook Photo

Kid takes yearbook photo with knitted beard hat on

Let's be honest, your run-of-the-mill yearbook photos can get pretty boring. For one, they've pretty much looked the same for decades, with that similar blue backdrop, soft lighting and three-quarter pose. All that's changed are the hair styles. (And my, have they changed.)

But David Yearsley, a (super awesome) 11-year-old from West Richland, Wash., definitely won't get lost in the shuffle of banality. The fifth-grader decided to spice things up a bit this year by whipping out a little accessory in the middle of his photo session.

Apparently, the mini jokester was in possession of a knitted hat with an attached beard (though where one even discovers such a find, we do not know).

Lucky for him, the photographer had no qualms with letting him pose while donning his knit accessory; so David popped it on, smirked confidently to the camera, and went on with the rest of his day.

But David's harmless little prank would go on to become quite legendary over the next couple of weeks, once the school caught wind of his proofs. By all accounts, teachers and administrators found it hilarious — even displaying it prominently in the front office, much to the surprise of his mom, Sonja.

“I had no idea he was going to do it,” his mom, Sonja Yearsley, told ABC News. “It was all his idea.”

The mom (who is a self-admitted jokester herself, and says she's been pranking her kids for years), discovered her son's adorable photo prank when she visited her son's school and walked into the front office.

“I went into the school a couple weeks later and the lady at the front desk showed me his proof,” she explained. “And I just about fell down laughing. Normally, the photographer would have a comb and brush to fix the kids up, but for whatever reason the stars were aligned and he got by with that beard and hat and that smirk on his face is great. The ladies in the front office even have his photo hung up for when they’re having a bad day.”

Yep; this photo is definitely the perfect antidote to a bad day. Well done, young sir.

Photo via Huffington Post

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