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Party-Crashing Bear Shows Up Uninvited to Kid's Birthday, Eats All the Cupcakes

Bear crashes kid's party in Alaska, eats all of the cup cakes
Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

After all of that party planning, goody-bag preparing and expert cake decorating you did, you always want your kid's birthday party to go off without a hitch. But hey, even the best laid plans have their own way of imploding.

Take one party last Wednesday, which by all accounts was a total blast until one very large and very furry guest showed up uninvited — and eat all the cupcakes. And no, we're not talking about someone's drunk uncle. It was a juvenile black bear, and it made its grand entrance via skylight (by somehow climbing on to the roof?).

The scary scene went down in Juneau, Alaska, at the home of Glen Merrill, who later described what happened to a reporter. "I was literally in the room, and I heard this cracking," he said, describing the cracking sound of the skylight's plexiglass under the bear's weight. "And the next thing you know, there's this bear that, I mean, literally, fell right from [the skylight]. It was like one meter away from me."

We can only imagine the terror that came over those kids' faces as a gigantic bear crashed through the ceiling — let alone the tears it caused as it promptly took away the best thing there is at a party: the cupcakes!

But the furry intruder didn't come to harm anyone; he just wanted some dessert.

Wildlife specialist Ryan Scott arrived at the home shortly after, taking the bear out of the home. As he told CBC.ca, such an event isn't all that unusual in such an area of Alaska, where homes are close to the forest. "Bears are extremely curious, and will stake out any source of food they can find," said Scott. "There probably isn't a neighborhood or place where we have homes where the potential isn't there for you to run into a bear or observe a bear. There is really no place where the potential isn't there." (Yikes, Alaska!)

Moral of the story: Next time you throw a birthday party for your kid and the worst thing that happens is your cake comes out lopsided, consider the day a success. After all, you could have a bear on your dining room table.

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