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Caught on Camera: Officer Saves Children from Hot Car

Officer saves the day when kids become locked inside car

A mom in Honolulu, Hawaii, is beyond grateful this week to an officer who literally saved the day when her kids became trapped inside the family car on a brutally hot day.

It all happened after the mom parked her car on a busy street and hopped out to pay the meter. Though she was just feet away from her five-month-old baby and two-year-old toddler, the kids became locked inside when her toddler hit the child safety lock. Panicked, the mom tried for 15 minutes to get into the car on her own, but was unsuccessful.

"She frantically made every effort to get the car open, but didn’t want to leave her children," wrote Toni Schwartz, Department of Public Safety public information officer, in a statement.

Thankfully though, the car was parked just outside of the Honolulu First Circuit Courthouse, and the mom was able to ask a bystander to run inside to grab an officer.

Coming to the rescue was Sheriff Deputy Grant Auna, who took one look at the kids inside the car and had to think fast. "At that point, I'm thinking the main concern is to get the kids out of the car," Auna told a reporter for KITV. "It's a hot day, the windows were up."

The two little kids were both crying and sweating profusely, Auna said, but he still asked the mother's permission first before taking a sledgehammer to the window. Once she agreed, he forced his way inside, unlocked the doors, and pulled the kids out to safety. Though they were both rattled and hot, they were otherwise fine and happy to be back in their mother's arms.

Officials warn that the incident, which could happen to anybody, serves as a reminder to parents that they should be extra-careful and never leave kids alone inside a car, even for a minute. They also urge parents to talk to their kids about the dangers of playing with safety locks. While the engine was off at the time, the mother in this case had left her keys in the ignition, which is what allowed the car locks to be turned on in the first place.

Photo via KITV

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