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Paul Rudd Helps Couple Announce Their Pregnancy in Awesome Fashion

Paul Rudd helps couple announce their pregnancy

Oh, Paul Rudd. You first stole our hearts in "Clueless" and you pretty much never gave it back. And while we didn't really need any more reasons to love you ... we now have one. A big one.

This week, the actor and funnyman was out and about in LA when a newly pregnant couple walked up to him and giddily asked if he wouldn't mind taking a photo with them. He obliged, because he is Paul Rudd, and it is safe to assume that he is as awesome in person as he is in his movies.

But the photo he wound up taking with the couple wasn't just any old fan photo, since they had one little request that went along with it. The resulting snapshot showed the couple grinning from ear to ear, with a hand on the woman's belly, as their famous new friend held up a makeshift sign. It read: "She's knocked up!"

Yep, it was adorable. (Especially considering the "Knocked Up" reference.) And we have to hand it to this couple — walking up to a celeb and asking to take a photo is a brave act in and of itself. But asking them to drop your baby news for you? That's major.

Apparently the ask-a-celeb-to-announce-your-pregnancy move is a thing, though, kicked off by some clever woman named Emile, who took this photo with actor Will Smith in May:

We sure hope this trend catches on, because as far as we're concerned, it will never get old.

Image via Gawker/Bustle

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