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Breast-Feeding Sand Sculpture Places First in Competition, Gets Two Thumbs Up from Moms

Breast-feeding sand sculpture wins New Jersey competition

Every summer, sand-sculpting artists flock to New Jersey's Atlantic City beaches to take part in the DO AC Sand Sculpting World Cup, in the hopes of nabbing first place for their masterpiece. This year, Russian sculptors Pavel Mylnikov and Aleksei Diakov won top honors for an artful creation that not only impressed the judges, but also has moms everywhere proudly thrusting their proverbial fists in the air.

Their intricately detailed sculpture shows a mother feeding her baby, as her long flowing locks swirl around her and a pair of angel wings cradle her protectively. The piece is a beautiful sight to take in, and its very name — "Timeless Story" — gently reminds us how ridiculous it is that something as natural as breast-feeding your baby could ever be construed as taboo or inappropriate.

After a photo of the sculpture was shared on the La Leche League Facebook page Wednesday morning, it quickly went viral, racking up over 4,000 shares and more than 13,000 likes.

The comments themselves were all in favor of the piece, though some chose to jokingly make light of how such a scene would be viewed if it were real.

"Oh no, she is not under a nursing cover!" wrote one mom, Sophie Grace. "All the children will be traumatized and the men will be unable to control their perverse desires. ... Oh wait, it's just art imitating the beauty of life. Never mind."

Others chimed in with commentary on the public breast-feeding debate. "Beautiful," wrote another mom. "It saddens me that ignorant people are offended by nursing. It is what nature intended."

And for those who saw the sculpture in person, the sculpture was even more impactful. New Jersey mom and blogger Tiffany Lacasse snapped her own photo beside the sculpture this week, and shared her reactions to it on The Crunchy Mom Next Door. “I’ve been nursing child after child for the last five years,” wrote Lacasse, who lives in Egg Harbor Township, N.J. “and I’m comfortable with my decision but I’ve always felt a pang of anxiety about nursing in public due to the stigma. This piece of nursing artwork made me feel proud.”

Lacasse had to wait in a long line to snap a photo in front of the sculpture, but says it was more than worth the wait. "For the first time ever," she writes "I walked around the displays and back to my car nursing my son … and I was proud instead of nervous."

Want to see the sculpture in person? It will be on display — along with 29 other sand creations — through July 6, on the Atlantic City, N.J., beach by Pennsylvania Avenue.

Image via Facebook/The Crunchy Mom Next Door

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