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Watch the Most Creative High School Graduation Speech ... Ever?

High School senior sings his graduation speech

Crafting an unforgettable, can't-get-it-out-of-your-head kind of graduation speech is a lot of pressure to put on yourself. But this year, Wethersfield High School's Salutatorian Gregory Corning proved he was definitely up to the task.

The Notre Dame-bound Connecticut teen already boasts a pretty impressive résumé, with stellar grades, spots in nearly every National Honor Society there is and memberships in clubs like the "Future Educators of America." He even helps those with special needs in his free time, volunteering as a "Basketball Buddy" and tutoring on weekends.

But Corning has one other passion few may know about: the boy can sing.

So for his salutatorian speech, the talented tenor decided he wouldn't just speak to his graduating class in words — he'd do it through song. Cleverly rewriting the lyrics to some of the most popular chart toppers from the last four years, the high school senior belted it out to the tunes of "Wrecking Ball," "Royals," "Rolling in the Deep" and more.

Freshman year? Well, that was all about shedding your middle-school ways, navigating the halls through all of those gigantic seniors and learning that "physics was fun." Sophomore year was a bit of a reboot — how come no one tells you it's just freshman year all over again? One major perk, though: You're no longer the lowest on the totem poll. As for junior year, those torturous SATs were the worst, but going to prom and getting your license more than made up for it.

Which brings us to the often over-hyped senior year — which Corning describes as a literal "wrecking ball." For WHS seniors, that meant a school-wide renovation, which made trying to get a spot in the way-too-small parking lot a nightmare, and moving out of your class because of asbestos super annoying.

But by the video's end, Corning has the crowd on its feet by the end with a powerful revamp of "The Story of My Life," which aims to remind them that their time at WHS is just the beginning.

Watch the video here.

Image via YouTube

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