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Game-Changing Device for Breastfeeding Moms Is All the Buzz

Photograph by Twenty20

Breastfeeding is not supposed to hurt but when you have engorged breasts, clogged milk ducts or mastitis, you are most definitely in pain. Sometimes, so much pain that you will try just about anything to make the pain go away.

Warm and hot compresses? Been there, done that. Ingesting raw garlic? Been there, had the bad breath to prove it. Hot showers before nursing? What kind of crazy talk is that? In what world does a breastfeeding mom have time to take a hot shower? Using a vibrator? Been there, done—wait! A vibrator for engorged breasts, plugged ducts or mastitis exists? Why, yes. Yes, it does, and you can buy one.

For about $35, you can now buy the LaVie Lactation Massager, which according to its website, “is a milk expression tool that helps ease symptoms associated with engorgement, plugged ducts and mastitis.” It’s a cute little pink thing with up and down arrow buttons that could easily pass for a discreet vibrator of another nature, but let’s not digress.

The handy-dandy device is made out of BPA-free medical silicone, has a rechargeable battery, multiple vibration modes and it's waterproof, so you could presumably use it during all those luxurious hot showers you won’t be taking.

It’s actually kind of boob-boggling that it took so long for a product like this to come on the market, considering the need for it and also that plenty of lactation consultants recommend using things like an electric toothbrush to help with clogged milk ducts.

“Whenever I saw a mom with plugged ducts, I used to recommend using an electric toothbrush to help loosen the plug,” says Wendy Haldeman, RN, MN, IBCLC, a lactation consultant in Los Angeles.

If you are a mom-to-be planning on breastfeeding, you should seriously be considering adding this little lifesaver to your baby shower registry. If you never end up needing it, well, that’s great, and maybe you could repurpose it for—ahem— something else.

If you're already in the trenches of breastfeeding and need this little critter’s help, you could try the old electric toothbrush trick or use another type of massager while you wait to get one of these.

Product image via LaVie Lactation Massager

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