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WATCH: Kids React to Game Boy

Kids react to the Game Boy

Back to make us feel older than old (yet again) are the Fine Brothers, with their hilarious "Kids React" series. This time, kids are being shown an ancient relic that looks something like a giant plastic iPhone case. They call it "the Game Boy."

Yep, one of our old favorites — the Game Boy. Though it's hard to believe, the top-selling gaming device first came out 25 years ago, back in 1989. That was the year we begged for it at our birthdays, put all the games on our holiday wish lists and mastered the art of playing it secretly under the dinner table. (OK, so maybe it wasn't quite so secret after all.) But for kids today, this clunky, not-so-portable "portable device" is strange and laughably primitive.

"I thought it was going to like, zap me," one girl says, as it's being handed to her. Another boy shows confusion over where all the apps are located.

But our favorite reaction by far is uttered by Addy, a smart-as-a-whip 10-year-old who takes one look at the thing and points out its obvious gender bias: "Girls can play this, why can't it be called Game Boy/Girl?" (Yeah! Why not, Nintendo?!)

But once they all fire it up, each of the kids gets lost in a fierce game of Tetris. And while some do find it a little boring at first, they eventually fall victim to its addictive powers — as we knew they would. ("I actually like it but also hate it," one girl declares.)

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Image via YouTube

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