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WATCH: Little Girl Gets Scared on First Day of School, Chivalrous Boy Vows to Protect Her

Little boy adorably reassures girl on her first day of preschool

A Taiwanese preschooler has totally stolen our hearts this morning — and is about to steal yours, too — with a genuinely chivalrous display of affection that was all caught on tape.

In the now-viral video, little Alston sits happily at a classroom table on his first day of preschool. But his desk mate, Anita, is pretty freaked out about this whole "being away from Mom" thing, and has been in hysterics since she arrived.

"Will Mommy come?" she worries aloud to Alston, through tears. "Yes, she will," he says reassuringly. "When you wake up [from napping], she'll be here." (He clearly knows the drill on this preschool thing.)

And just to make sure she feels extra-safe, he adds "Don't worry, I'll protect you. How about you nap next to me later, OK?" (Our hearts = melted!)

We won't spoil the rest for you; just watch below.

We're placing bets now: In 20 years, who else thinks these two will be married?

Image via YouTube

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