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Toddler Takes First Steps on Prosthetics, Touches Hearts Everywhere

Toddler walks for the first time on prosthetics

He may only be two years old, but little Kayden Kinckle has had a rocky road, right from the start. His long list of challenges include a birth defect known as omphalocele, which occurs when internal organs are formed outside the body, and legs that didn't grow normally because of an amniotic band that had wrapped around his lower limbs.

He's already undergone two painful abdominal surgeries, and more recently, had to have his left leg and right foot amputated. It goes without saying that this brave little boy has had to endure far more than most of us will ever be faced with in our lifetimes.

But through it all, the tiny toddler has remained upbeat. And on July 4, he showed everyone just what he's made of when he walked for the first time.

While his mom looked on with pride and filmed him with her phone, Kayden took his first solo steps on the new prosthetics he was fitted with. Though he struggles a bit at first, he confidently utters "I got it!" to everyone around him, and keeps going.

… And we're crying.

Image via YouTube

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