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Mom Gives Birth on the Way to the Doctor – Right in Her Pants

Idaho mom gives birth in her car on the way to the doctor

And now, we bring you yet another one of those born-in-the-car stories. Except this one comes with a twist …

Idaho mom Shawna Urigen was on her way to a doctor's appointment after work on Tuesday when she started having some light contractions. While the mom-to-be was due this Saturday, she thought she had at least a few hours to go until she was in full-blown labor – after all, the contractions hardly felt like anything.

But boy, was she wrong.

Just minutes later, baby Kimber Marie Crown arrived fast and furiously – into the leg of her mom's pants. While she was driving. And on the phone with her fiancé. (Talk about multi-tasking!)

The 29-year-old mom was more than a little shocked by the whole thing, to say the least. According to reports, she had been desperately trying to find a place to pull over when her baby was born, but apparently wasn't finding one. No matter; Kimber was more than content to arrive into Mom's trousers.

After Kimber was born, Shawna finally pulled over and got the baby out and into her arms safely, before calling paramedics who arrived within minutes. The good news is, both are doing just fine now. (And now have a birth story to tell that blows all others out of the water.)

Image via Today-News

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