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Is 'Katniss' the New 'Emma'? 'Hunger Games' Monicker Among 2014's Popular Girl Names

"Katniss" among top 2014 baby name predictions

If someone had told you 10 years ago that parents of the future would be naming their baby girls "Katniss," you probably wouldn't have believed them. But hey, that was years before Suzanne Collins' "Hunger Games" hit the bookshelves, and then exploded on the big screen. According to some early predictions from the baby-naming site Nameberry, "Katniss" has seen some major play so far in 2014, along with some other names from popular films and TV shows.

The website drew their results from analyzing search data from their users, and noting their interest level in potential baby names.

Other newly popular (yet totally made up) names have been inspired by Hollywood. "Game of Thrones" has spawned a fervor for the name "Khaleesi" this year, which is Dothraki for "queen" in George R.R. Martin's uber-popular fantasy series. It was the 18th most-viewed name on Nameberry. According to Nameberry, though, "Khalessi" is not the only made-up name from the series to rise in popularity of late. In 2012, "Arya" was the fastest rising girls' name in the U.S. "Khaleesi," meanwhile, was given to 146 baby girls that year. Additionally, the first name of the actress who plays Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) in the TV adaptation was the 21st most-viewed.

Also piquing parents' interest so far this year are names like "Hazel," the name of Shailene Woodley's character in the "The Fault in Our Stars." "Hazel" was the 13th most-viewed name, actually edging out "Katniss" by one spot. "Elsa" of "Frozen" fame also made the list, though she was only found to be the 88th most-viewed name.

If you're finding it hard to believe you're going to see a bunch of Katnisses running around next year, consider this: the name "Lorna" wasn't even a real name until R.D. Blackmoore's 1869 novel, "Lorna Doone" came out. (And yes, "Lorna Doone" was a book before it was a cookie. Who knew?)

By the looks of Nameberry's report, parents are loving other not-so-ordinary names, too — "Imogen" was No. 1 for girls, followed up by "Charlotte," "Isla," "Cora" ("Downton Abbey," anyone?) and "Penelope." Meanwhile, the top five most-viewed boys names were "Asher," "Declan," "Atticus," "Finn" and "Oliver."

Have you fallen in love with any character-inspired names this year?

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