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Girl Accidentally Sexts Dad, Takes Us With Her Through Most Embarrassing Life Scenario Ever

And now for a story that will make you turn redder than you've ever been turned ...

Earlier this week, a teen who goes by the Twitter handle @dearfashionnn sent out an SOS, asking anyone – ANYONE – to please help her delete an already-sent text that had accidentally been delivered to her dad.

Now, this wasn't your garden-variety texting faux pas, either. If she had accidentally complained via text about someone, and sent said complaint to the exact person she was complaining about, we could probably all commiserate with the poor girl. (Happens to the best of us?)

But nope. It seems the young woman had snapped a rather scandalous (and we do mean scandalous) photo of herself ... standing in the shower ... naked ... You can see where this is heading. And it's pretty terrible.

All at once, Twitter seemed to go:

And for good measure:

And then the responses started pouring in ...

But hey, at least one person tried to lend some genuine advice to the accidental texter?

Finally, someone schooled her in the many uses of Airplane mode.

But of course, it was too little too late – because dear old dad had already seen said text, and had his eyes burned out.

Soon, the calls started rolling in.

In the middle of all this mortification, though, the young woman was able to pause and give periodic updates, which just embarrassed all further.

It seems she finally learned her lesson, though.

Naturally, there are many skeptics out there (ourselves included), wondering if this whole fiasco really did go down, or if it's one big act of viral fakery. One thing's for sure, though. If it is completely true, family dinners are about to get way more awkward.

Images via Twitter

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