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Emotional Cell Phone Ad Will Get You All Sorts of Teary ... But Is It Unfair to Dads?

Thai ad reminds parents that technology can never replace love

A cell phone company out of Thailand has struck an emotional chord with its latest ad, which aims to send one powerful reminder to all parents: Put down the phone — all your baby needs is love.

While it's impossible not to find yourself pretty touched by the commercial and its "technology doesn't replace love" message, the ending to the two-minute spot is getting some mixed reactions from dads out there. In fact, many consider it to be downright offensive.

Now, for the scene: A newbie dad is frantically wracking his brain over what to do — his baby won't stop crying, and Mom isn't home to soothe her. Panicked, he calls his wife, who's at the grocery store. She must want to see her Mom's face, he thinks. Not mine.

But even FaceTiming Mom doesn't calm this little one down. He shows her funny cartoons, his wife makes silly faces through the phone, but nothing works. Until finally, it dawns on him: Maybe she just wants to be held.

Sure enough, as soon as he picks her up, his little girl melts into a ball of happiness and contentment, and the look on this dad's face is priceless. (As well as the mom's face, who is now seeing the whole thing via FaceTime and bawling in the grocery store.) "Technology doesn't replace love," the ad reminds at its emotional end.

But some dads didn't appreciate the reminder. You know, because it's 2014 and all, and most are well aware that picking up your crying kid is step No. 1 in calming them down — whether Mom's miles away, or right in the next room.

"The 'clueless dad' is becoming as irrelevant as the dodo bird and the Harlem Shake," daddy blogger Doyin Richards told The Huffington Post. "Dads in 2014 actually pick up babies, soothe babies and nurture babies when they're crying without seeking consultation from their spouses," continued Richards, who blogs for Daddy Doin' Work.

On YouTube, commenter Ed Gloss was more irate than that. "What a horrible commercial," he wrote. "I'm so sick of the stereotype that fathers don't take care of their children as mothers do. There's nothing my wife did for our children that I didn't do (with one obvious exception) ... I was up with all three of our children in the middle of the night, I dressed them, bathed them, fed them, took them to school, etc. If this commercial was going to make me cry it would be because men are still portrayed as being too fragile and insecure enough to care for their children."

Others didn't take the ad quite so seriously.

"If we want honest representations of fathers in commercials, that means we don't just show the strong, engaged, confident fathers. That means we show the scared ones, too. They exist. I was one of them," admitted John Kinnear of Ask Your Dad blog.

Watch for yourself below and tell us: Do you find this ad to be offensive to dads, or a touching reminder to all parents?

Image via YouTube

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