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Dispatcher Responds to 911 Call for Choking Baby, Is Shocked to Learn Who the Victim Is

911 dispatcher answers call for her own son

This story starts out like every parent's worst nightmare, but we're happy to say it has a happy ending.

Back in May, Britney Melchor was working her usual shift as a 911 dispatcher when a call came in that instantly made her stomach drop. On the other end of the line, dad Robert Kimball was frantic — his 14-month-old son Maverick had just swallowed a metal washer, which had tumbled onto the floor as Dad was moving furniture in the house. He had tried to remove it himself, but couldn't, and little Maverick was now turning red.

While Melchor has answered countless calls of distress over the years, this one was different — because that little boy choking on the other end of the line — that was her boy. And she had known right from the second she saw her home number come up that something was terribly wrong.

"It's the worst nightmare, it's the worst thing that any parent, let alone parent dispatcher ... could ever, ever go through," the Marysville, Calif., mom later told KCRA3.

Melchor had actually been training another dispatcher at the time of the call and tried to maintain a calm and professional demeanor despite the fact that her emotions were swirling inside.

"Mommy-mode kind of hit — like that's my son. I panicked," she said. "But then I was like, 'You know what? I've got to get him to the help he absolutely needs.'"

Melchor immediately sent emergency vehicles to her home, where paramedics soon discovered that Kimball had already saved the day. According to CBS Sacramento, the dad (who is said to have some medical training) pushed the washer down Maverick's throat himself, allowing him to breathe again.

Needless to say, the boy's mom was overcome with relief when she heard that news. But the whole experience has made her realize more than ever just how big a role her own job plays in saving lives.

"Being behind the console and in the room where you don't have interaction with anyone, you see firsthand now that you're someone's lifeline. You're their guardian angel in the few seconds that you're on the phone with them," she said.

The Marysville Police Department certainly agrees. They recently honored the mom for her "grace and accountability" in what was truly a gut-wrenching situation.

Image via YouTube

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