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'Try' Music Video Goes Bare

Another makeup-, styling-free celeb comes out in favor of girls being "enough" just as they are. If you haven't seen Colbie Caillat's latest music video yet, you probably don't have a daughter, are not a girl or don't know any girls or daughters. For those who fit into that category, I'll fill you in. "Try" is a message from a glamorous singer that girls don't have to "try" to be someone they don't want to be by piling on makeup and sporting a fancy 'do. Caillat herself goes makeup free along with other women in the video — old, young, black, white, cancer-surviving and more. Check it:

Caillat's music video is in the same genre as other empowering lady movements where celebs, news anchors and the normals go makeup free to prove that beauty is not about your foundation shade. In the case of celebs, some have even been calling out publications that took Photoshop too far — to the point where they didn't recognize themselves. Both messages are certainly good ones for young girls to absorb, as they're bombarded by billboards on a daily basis. So, good on you, Colbie, and the other gorgeous ladies who appear in her video. Keep on telling our girls they're OK just the way they are.

Except, well, just one thing.

While this is a video I would share with my daughter, who is almost a tween (GAH), I would have the following caveat: Mommy wears makeup when and where I want to, and it's really nobody else's business. After all, being a strong woman doesn't mean you can't make your lashes thick and full. It's about choices, ladies. And I choose Russian red.

What do you think about "Try"?

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