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Shoppers Break Car Window to Free Kids From Hot Car

Shoppers took matters into their own hands on Monday, when a group of bystanders noticed two kids locked inside a car on a hot summer day.

Gabriel Del Valle, a bystander who took a video of what was happening in the parking lot in Katy, Texas, told KHOU reporters, "The kids were in there, crying," he said. "I mean you would understand. The car's real hot."

One of the shoppers broke the back window of the car using a hammer, and a woman had to crawl into the car to open the doors, which had the child-safety locks activated.

The mother of the two small children eventually made her way back to the parking lot, where she pleaded with the bystanders not to call the police, according to Jezebel.

She admitted that she had made a terrible mistake and told shoppers she had left her children in the car "temporarily," according to KHOU, so that she could get a haircut.

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