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Is the Duchess of Cambridge Reconsidering Her Birth Plan?

Photograph by REX/Shutterstock

One of our favorite royal moms could be changing up her birth plan with Baby No. 3.

According to The Daily Mail, the Duchess of Cambridge, aka Kate Middleton, “is keen on having a home birth.” While a tabloid rumor is clearly not an iron-clad birth plan, it is causing quite the social media frenzy. One mother and home birth advocate on Facebook summed up the sentiment when she commented, “I LOVE how much this will normalize it for sure!” Another commented, “A great representative for our cause!”

Home birth advocates are thrilled that such a high-profile mother is interested in giving birth at home—and no ordinary home, at that. The duchess, duke and their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, live in Kensington Palace, the royal residence in London's Kensington Gardens. If she does give birth there, her third child will be born in the same residence that Queen Victoria was born in 1819. Not only that, but Queen Elizabeth had all four of her children in Buckingham Palace.

Kate Middleton’s desire to have a home birth may sound surprising, but many modern women are realizing that birth in a hospital is a relatively new phenomenon, having gained popularity in the 20th century. And while it is doubtful that Kate’s desire to give birth at home is driven by politics, the mere rumor of her wish lends legitimacy to hundreds of mothers the world over who have the same yearning.

Given all of the paparazzi attention the duke and duchess receive, it makes perfect sense that she would rather avoid giving birth in a public place. Who wouldn’t prefer the privacy of their own home when the entire world is hoping for a glimpse? And no mother should have to pose for public photos on discharge day, even if she has proven she can pull off a pretty gorgeous shot mere hours post delivery.

However, since she is carrying a potential heir to the throne, the decision is likely not hers to make alone.

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