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This Story of a Single Mom and Her Professor Will Give You All the Feels

Photograph by Twenty20

Motherhood is among the toughest jobs out there (it's actually the toughest, but, you know, diplomacy). Besides the physical labor—feeding, cooking, cleaning, bathing, sleeping (or lack thereof), chasing, chastising, protecting, praising and loving (the struggle can be real), there's also the mental and emotional toll of what needs to be done, how you're getting it all done, not to mention if you're getting it all done right.

Now, imagine doing the toughest job out there. By yourself. While going to college.

Ashton Robinson is a single mom, which, on its face, is neither good nor bad news. The bad news, though, is she's also a college student and juggling the course load for an advanced degree while trying to raise a whole human being is challenging. While many parents face child-care issues, the unique dilemma of going to school while being a single parent is that when last-minute babysitter cancellations occur, there may be fewer resources from which to draw.

Robinson knows this, because a few days ago she emailed one of her professors at Texas A&M, Dr. Henry Musoma, to let him know she'd have to miss class because she had no one to watch her son.

Photograph by Facebook

According to People magazine, Musoma stepped up with a solution. Robinson wrote on her Facebook page:

"So today I emailed my Professor before class saying that something came up and I didn't have a sitter for Emmett and he called me back and said to please bring him! Being a single mom is so challenging but it's people like Dr. Henry Musoma that make life just a tiny bit easier! THIS is why I'm so proud to be an Aggie! Definitely something I'll never forget and can't wait to someday tell Emmett that it's because of people like this that mommy was able to graduate from the best university in the world."

She's received more than 47,000 likes on the post and nearly 2,000 supportive comments from others who appreciate how far a little kindness can go.

"Kudos to you, mom, for letting the professor know ahead of time that you didn't have a sitter," one person wrote. "Closed mouth never gets fed. 😊😊😊 Keep doing what you are doing."

"This is lovely!" another person wrote. "My husband is an Aggie & this is great! Life shouldn't always be full of tough choices!"

Another agreed, writing: "Reminds me of ME when I was in school at Troy University ... my social work instructors were the same with me! My daughter went with me to several of my classes. It's a big 👍 for all us single parents."

With natural disasters and political strife dominating headlines and conversations, it can be hard to remember that pockets of good news actually exist. Thanks to people like Musoma, though, they do.

Image via Facebook/Ashton Robinson

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