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WATCH: Cobra Snakes Surround Baby, Watch Over Her Protectively

Video: cobra snakes surround baby, protect her

Watching four deadly cobra snakes close in on your half-sleeping baby is, to put it mildly, the stuff of nightmares. (Just thinking about it makes our stomachs drop.) But that's exactly what happened to one incredibly chill baby, who was dozing off somewhere when four cobras approached her. Instead of freaking out, though, her parents watched on with amazement at what happened next. And filmed the entire thing, of course.

There was no attacking, or hissing, or doing other scary snake-like things we've admittedly only seen in movies. No, these slithering snakes instead formed a protective barrier around the little girl, as if they were silently vowing to protect her from any potential harm that might come her way. One even comes so close, she wraps her arms around its neck in probably one of the best hugs ever caught on camera.

It is nuts. And adorable. And our new favorite animals-with-baby videos. (OK, of the moment.) Prepare to be amazed.

We know this viral video isn't exactly new — it was shared on YouTube back in October 2013, so you may have already caught it — but it's the first time we've laid eyes on it. The clip has been making the rounds again in this week and shocking everyone all over again (for obvious reasons).

Image via YouTube

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