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Mom Shares Moving Story of Her 6-Year-Old's Gender Transition

Mom tells the moving story of how she helped her six-year-old change genders

For 6-year-old AJ Jackson of Kansas City, Mo., knowing that she was a girl — despite what she saw in the mirror — was something she felt deep inside since before she can remember. While she may have sported a buzz cut at one time and appeared to be a "rough-and-tumble boy" in every sense of the phrase, AJ has grown up to be quite the "girly-girl" — long flowing hair, pink dresses and all. And she has never looked back.

This is the story AJ's mom Debi proudly tells, as she stands in front of a room full of strangers. A video of her speech at the Unity Temple on the Plaza in Kansas City has gone viral this week for its heartfelt message and honesty, as she challenges the myths and stereotypes about transgender children.

With her voice full of emotion, Debi takes the room through it all. How she reacted to her son's first requests to wear dresses, headbands and pink sparkly shoes; how it all seemed like a passing phase, but soon proved to be otherwise; and finally, how painful it was to see the way others — even adults — would treat her brave little girl.

Her most moving words of all are the ones that came straight from the mouth of her 6-year-old. Remembering one day two years ago, Debi recalls when AJ looked her straight in the eye and said, "You know I'm really a girl on the inside, right?"

Watch as Debi shares her family's story, takes us with her on AJ's emotional transformation, and challenges those who believe transgender people are somehow "confused" about what they want or strangely "turned" into another gender because of a parent's expectations.

Her powerfully candid and straight-from-the-heart speech, titled "That's Good Enough," will move you to tears.

Image via YouTube

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