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VIDEO: Dad's Creative Bun-Making Skills Go Viral

Dad's bun-making skills go viral

Dads may not always get the best rap when it comes to their hair-styling skills. But one papa is proving he's good for more than just a few sad ponytails — thank you very much. In fact, Earl Hayes Raglin Jr.'s clever method for perfecting the classic bun on his daughter Jordyn has made him the coolest dad on YouTube this week.

The clip is just 32 seconds long, but it's pretty adorable. Raglin kicks it off while smiling into the camera, telling the viewer, "This is Daddy's version of the bun — look and learn." Then he proceeds to make one killer bun, at lightning-fast speeds, before his daughter presumably skips off to ballet class.

Without further adieu, we bring you the "Daddy Rag Technique," as he calls it.

Cute and clever — we love it! And apparently, so does the rest of the Internet. Raglin's little bun routine has totally gone viral this week, after he posted the clip to Facebook and then YouTube.

Still, the Lexington, Ken. dad is surprised by how popular it's become.

"That’s just me being me," Raglin told TODAY. "That’s just stuff we do every day."

And it definitely seems like every day is a fun day with this dad. "If it’s something she wants to do, I will try my best to do it, and if I can’t, I’ll learn until we get it right," Raglin continued. "I’m just a normal dad doing fun things with my kid."

The single dad also opened up about how important he considers his role as a dad to be. But also, how fun it is to do everyday kid stuff again. "I look at being a father as a gift," he said. "It’s giving us another opportunity to be a kid again. I’m 35, but when I’m around her, I’m 7."

So sweet.

To date, Raglin's racked up more than 150,000 views on YouTube alone, far surpassing those of another hair-styling pops we just had to give a shout-out to. In this clip, first uploaded back in February, a British dad cleverly uses a vacuum to give his daughter a ponytail.

Watch and learn, folks!

Image via YouTube

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