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VIDEO: Little Girl Loses It After Daddy 'Steals' Her Nose

Little girl loses it after dad steals her nose

There's not a dad in the world who hasn't tried the old "I got your nose!" trick on their kid. But while most of them usually wind up with a kid in a fit of giggles, one British dad learned recently that not all kids find that joke funny. Least of all his toddler, Kyra.

Now captured in one adorably hilarious YouTube video, Kyra erupts in a flood of (adorable) tears as soon as her dad "steals" her nose away. Panicking at the thought of possibly never getting it back, she tells Mom her nose has gone missing and she is NOT happy about it.

"Where's my nose gone?!" she wails to her mom, who is busy stifling giggles.

"I don't know, what happened?" Mom asks curiously.

"I can't find it anymore!" the two-and-a-half-year-old says.

"Who took it?" Mom asks. To which Kyra looks across the room at her nose's captor and declares: "DADDY!"

The whole exchange is pretty cute — and made all the better once Dad gives in and returns the stolen nose once and for all. Kyra, of course, bounces back within seconds, proving yet again that toddlers have a special flair for dramatic.

Image via YouTube

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