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VIDEO: Dog Steals Baby's Toy, Tries to Make It Up to Her

Beagle steals baby's toy, tries to make it up to her

Learning to share is one of life's greatest first lessons, hopefully mastered by the time we make it to grade school. But Charlie the beagle just recently learned the hard way that stealing toys and refusing to share is not cool, when he snatched a toy from baby Laura, and lived to thoroughly regret it.

It all happened when little Laura was lounging in her bouncer, smiling happily as her dad shook one of her toys in front of her. Charlie thought this was one sweet-looking toy, too, so he waltzed over, snatched it in his mouth and innocently walked away, so he could play with it himself in the corner.

Big mistake. This only triggered a stream of never-ending cries out of his tiny human, and it didn't take long before regret set in.

So being the good guy that he is, Charlie immediately aims to make it right. He runs around the room, scrambling for other toys Laura might like better — and he piles them on top of her as she lays there, confused and overwhelmed. His gallant efforts are hands-down adorable.

Fallen in love with this cute little beagle yet? Thanks to Charlie's official YouTube channel, you can get more where that came from — including the sweet little video below, showing Charlie covering Laura with a blanket and basically just trying to become her bestie-4-life. (Mission accomplished, if you ask us.)

Image via YouTube

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