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Teacher Makes Empowering 'Schoolhouse Remix' Starring Kids

Music teacher creates fun music video of his students

Edgar Camago is a 3rd-grade teacher by day and a music producer at night. But recently, the multi-talented San Franciscan blended together his two main loves to create one cool (and pretty catchy) music video, starring — who else? — his students.

As they croon along to the beat, they dance, scat and sing along to empowering lyrics like, "Fight, fight, fight! / Fight the good fight!" and "Let's sing songs and dance, dance, dance / dance our fears away."

But the coolest part by far about this infectious little beat is that it features many of the everyday sounds you hear at a school — from kids kicking soccer balls at recess to clapping their hands together to playing the xylophone in music class. It's all here, and expertly edited together and "comin' at you with a torrent of infectious beats and melodies," as the YouTube video description promises.

Camago, who goes by the DJ name "Overeasy," has a knack for taking everyday sounds and turning them into catchy beats. Last year, he shared another viral "Schoolhouse Remix," featuring his talented students. In Part 1, he mixes the sounds of kids tapping their markers, sharpening pencils and (best of all) making armpit farts, all to create one amazing melody.

On his official YouTube channel, the musician shares more of his mixes — like this one, which goes behind the scenes of a community food market in San Francisco.

Images via YouTube

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