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VIDEO: Dad, Daughter Break Out in After-Work Dance Party

Dad and daughter have driveway dance party to Kesha's "Timber"

We don't know about you, but at the end of a long work day, all we want is to kick off our shoes, pour a glass of wine and zone out to a new episode of "Real Housewives." We are wiped. And while we can at least muster the energy to whip up a family dinner and put in a solid 30-minute story time first, let's just say the last thing you'd probably catch us doing is breaking a sweat to Ke$ha's "Timber" ... and twerking in the driveway, in full view of the neighbors.

Not so for Kentucky dad Justin Price, who recently did just that when he came home from work. While his wife filmed, Price was greeted by his daughter Malli, who was filled with excitement that her dad was home and kicked off a full-on dance party in the driveway. But no one could be more excited about it than Dad himself. In the resulting clip, "Timber" is heard blaring in the background, while the two bust moves like nobody's business and Dad whips out a #CowboyTwerk.

Image via YouTube

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