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Mysterious Toy Reviewer Is Taking Over YouTube

YouTube toy reviewer's identity remains a mystery

You may have seen her videos. Your kid might even be obsessed with them. But despite racking up millions upon millions of views each month, YouTube's biggest star remains its most elusive.

She goes by the name DisneyCollectorBR online, but all we really know about this unnamed, faceless woman is that she loves toys — and we mean LOVES TOYS. She's uploaded a mind-boggling 1,140 toy demos over the last few years, amassing a legion of fans who are mostly all under 10, and getting a sweet payoff for it in the process. According to BuzzFeed, she makes more than some CEOs on just advertising alone. Again: JUST FOR TALKING ABOUT TOYS. (Where can we get this gig?)

In each video, we see only her fingers — brightly painted, sometimes with Hello Kitty decals — as she runs through all the product details of her latest toy. Whether it be the latest Angry Bird-themed Kinder Egg or Play-Doh's McDonald's Barbie Drive-Thru, one thing's for sure: Kids cannot get enough.

There's nothing particularly groundbreaking or entertaining about the videos themselves (at least, if you ask most parents). She begins them all the same way ("Hey guys, Disney Collector here …") with a sing-songy voice that most parents find truly irritating. (After a few video views, we wholeheartedly agree.)

"I heard this crazy voice," Connecticut mom Jonna Rubin told BuzzFeed of the first time she overheard her kids watching the videos. "I'm like, 'What the hell is this?'"

Portland, Ore., mom Elizabeth Olson says her 6-year-old daughter is so obsessed with the videos that she's taught herself how to use the iPad's microphone just so she can search for DisneyCollectorBR's videos, by using Siri. (Kids these days.)

"Unattended, she could probably watch for hours," Olson told BuzzFeed.

Just what is it about her that kids just can't get enough of? That remains an unsolved mystery. But her popularity doesn't seem to be waning any time soon.

And while you may think that only small kids would get a kick out of watching a stranger open a toy that they do not have themselves, you'd be wrong. The perplexing popularity of "unboxing" has been a thing for a while now. Even adult users are avid watchers of clips showing others opening a new gadget for the first time, and detailing out its many awesome perks. In the case of DisneyCollectorBR, though, her fan base seems to have grown largely for accidental reasons, with little kids logging on to search Disney-related things, and stumbling upon her videos in the "related" column. But the addictive nature of her videos still remain a truly confusing phenomenon.

Recently, BuzzFeed tried to launch an investigation, hoping to unmask the Internet superstar by reaching out via messages on YouTube, Facebook and even some contact info they found on a related website's contact form. All attempts proved fruitless. They even spoke with Dane Golden, the VP of marketing at Octoly, a company that connects brands with independent video creators. He admitted his own efforts to discover the identity of DisneyChannelBR were also for naught. It appears DisneyCollectorBR wants to remain a mystery.

But hey, maybe it's her very anonymity that makes the videos just so darn addicting to kids?

"What I believe to be true is that kids are loving this because the woman never shows her face," said Golden. "You never see anything but her well-manicured hands. She has a very comforting voice. It's just like playing with other kids playing toys. I think she disappears in the mind of the children."

So maybe this mystery woman is an actual genius/kid whisperer after all. Considering estimates have her earning somewhere between $1.6 million and $13 million just on advertising alone, we'd be inclined to agree there.

Is your kid addicted to these YouTube videos?

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