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Toyota Minivan Makes Yelling at Your Kids Easier

Every parent has been there. You're on a road trip — or even just carpool — and the fighting starts.

The kids are so busy yelling about who's taking who's toy that they forget to listen as you yell at them from the front seat to be quiet — or at least tell you if they need to take a bathroom break.

The 2015 Toyota Sienna has now given parents a leg up on getting the word out. The minivan comes with one parent-friendly feature that's, in a word, amazing — a microphone that allows the driver to communicate through the rear speakers.

No more shouting. No more turning your head toward the backseat to tell them to be quiet. No more swatting at them with the one arm that's not on the wheel.

Now that's luxury. Toyota even refers to it as the "Swagger Wagon."

Children ignoring you is now a thing of the past — we hope.

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