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VIDEO: In Hilarious Spoof, Dad Learns to Live with Wife's 'Other Man' (a.k.a. His Baby)

Spoof shows wife's "other man" – her baby

Poor Dad. Once there's a new baby in the house, he immediately takes a back seat when it comes to Mom's attention. And when that little baby is a boy? Well, like it or not, that means Dad will forever be Man #2 in her heart.

A new spoof from actor and sketch writer Eric Bogh puts a hilarious spin on this all-too-common reality, by showing a typical morning between Eric, his wife Mary, and their 15-month-old son Ryker. The twist? Subbing in for Ryker in several scenes is a full-sized adult man. The three-minute video is shot much in the style of "Convos with My 2-Year-Old," which Bogh credits as one of his inspirations before writing, directing and starring in the sketch. So if you're a big fan of that series, "The Other Man" is right up your alley.

At the video's start, we wake up on a typical morning in bed with the Bogh family. A baby is heard cooing in the background, as Mom whispers, "Good morning! You slept so good last night." But as soon as Dad flips on the light and turns over, we see a full-grown man is lying between the couple. As the morning drags on, things only get weirder (and more hilarious) as Mom shuffles off to brush her teeth and get ready, and leaves Dad alone to care for this tiny, drooling wife-stealer. He tries his best change poopy diapers (while getting smacked in the face and kicked with full-grown man-strength).

As Bogh recently told The Huffington Post, the idea for the sketch was first inspired by his son's own "adult-like strength." That diaper-changing scene? Replace it with a tiny baby boy, and it pretty much goes down exactly that way in real life. "He fights tooth and nail during the battle," Bogh joked.

But there are other parts about the sketch that are close to reality, too. "As a new dad, most of my wife's attention has gone to the new man in the house, which is an aspect of this video," he said.

Though this was the California dad's first time writing, directing and starring in a sketch, he got his feet wet in comedy at the Groundlings School in Los Angeles, where he says his eyes were opened to "the humor and truth in everyday, mundane things." (Looks like it came in handy.)

Oh, and by the way — "poo dipe"? We're totally stealing that one.

Photo via YouTube

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