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4-Year-Old Kicked Out of Doughnut Shop Over 'Rude' Question

4-year-old gets kicked out of doughnut shop over "rude" question

This is just about the most ridiculous thing we've heard all week.

Apparently a 4-year-old boy by the name of Justin Otero recently stopped into the Doughnut Inn in Monroe, Conn., and embarrassed the heck out of his mom when he took one look at a fellow patron and asked her an admittedly nosey question: Did she have a baby in her belly?

Answer: No.

Eeek. Cue mom's instant mortification, followed by profuse apologies ... aaaand end of scene.

It was an embarrassing scenario all around (for both Mom and the poor lady in the doughnut shop), but we think we can all admit here that it's not the craziest thing a 4-year-old has ever said. Last time we checked, kids that age are pretty much all unfiltered, babbling little people who have a tendency to say whatever comes to mind, wherever it comes to mind.

But it seems Justin's little faux pas was not soon forgotten. So much so that when he and his mom returned to the same doughnut shop just one week later, they were asked to leave. And not even politely, his mom says.

"We were screamed at in front of the door, 'He's not allowed in here — he's rude,'" Rebecca Denham told WFSB.

The mom was shocked, considering the woman who was originally questioned by Justin said she wasn't even offended at the time, and that she'd heard similar things before at a nursery school. (Poor thing!)

After the story — and the doughnut shop's reaction — swept the local news, the store's Facebook page was promptly taken down. But as HuffPost amusingly pointed out: A 2009 post from the store still survives on in the annals of the Internet, showing that the Doughnut Inn needs to learn a few lessons in appropriateness, themselves:

Pot, meet kettle.

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