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VIDEO: Baby and Pup Are Adorable Hangout Buddies

Baby and pit bull are best friends

Watching viral videos of cute babies doing just about anything is enough to pull on our heart strings. Taking their first steps, hilariously mispronouncing words — we just lose it. The same goes for videos starring adorable pups, in all their carefree, tail-wagging glory. But watching cute babies and puppies together? Being the best of friends? Doing everyday things like lounging in a bouncer and snuggling? Our hearts explode.

Such was the scene this weekend, when we caught wind of this now-viral video of Eisleigh the baby and Clyde the pit bull. Just two tiny friends cuddling together in a baby bouncer. Like best buds do.

Stop. It.

The Vine video was uploaded to Instagram by Eisleigh and Clyde's mom, Brandileigh Hodges, a 25-year-old from North Carolina who goes by the handle brandileigh080. It turns out, the new mom and self-proclaimed "animal enthusiast" has uploaded a lot of photos of the pair's adorable friendship. So naturally, we scrolled through every last one. And as you might imagine, they are all pretty awww-inducing.

Sometimes they just hang together on the couch, like so.

Other times, tummy time is done together.

Some days they'll even invite a friend to join in on the fun.

And naps are never alone. (Mom says the two take up to four naps together each day.)

Because that's what best buds are for.

"My fiancé and I are both die-hard animal lovers and adore pit bulls," Hodges told My Fox 8. "We’ve always said we would get a puppy when we have a baby so they can grow up together and have a special bond. We never knew it would be as sweet as this."

In fact, Eisleigh and Clyde spend every single day together. "Clyde was connected to Eisleigh as soon as we picked him up," Hodges said. “Surely he wasn’t aware what was happening to him. He climbed into Eisleigh’s car seat and snuggled with her the whole way home. It seemed very comforting to him. To both of them really … it was love at first sight, oddly enough!"

Can't get enough of these two? Neither can we. Check out more cuteness from this adorable duo over on Instagram.

Images via Instagram

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