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VIDEO: Little Girl Accidentally Defies Gravity at Local Fair

Little girl defies gravity, does 360 in rotating tunnel at the fair

A round of applause is due this morning to one truly badass 3-year-old girl, who turned in a gravity-defying performance at her local fair last week. The best part? It was totally accidental.

The little girl was attempting to make her way through one of those maze-like fun houses, when she and her older brother came upon a particularly difficult obstacle: a rotating tunnel. As her mom filmed the pair from the other side, they hung back nervously, unsure of how to brave the spinning sphere.

But then, after hearing her mother's motivating words from the other side, the determined little 3-year-old sat herself down on the edge of the circle, and held on for dear life.

The rest is comedy gold:

If you're anything like us, your laughter at the little girl's unintentional feat was mixed with some level of stomach-dropping, because, well, you're watching a toddler hang upside down on a moving ride, with only her fingers to save her. Even Mom was clearly faced with the dilemma of whether or not she should be laughing at the whole scenario or putting her phone down to help her daughter. By 0:35, though, we can see the little girl is more than OK. As she stands up, totally pleased with herself, she shouts: "I like that, Mommy!" across the tunnel.

If this video is any indication, it seems we have yet again underestimated the death-like grip of a toddler.

Image via YouTube

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