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Teaching Women That They Are Beautiful

The Mrs — a band of Austin, Texas, moms — launched their first single "I'm Enough" at the BlogHer14 conference yesterday. They were polished (think The Bangles meets Shania Twain), but their #imenough campaign is what really caught fire.

As moms of teenage girls, they want to change the way women look into the mirror. They certainly touched a nerve. We are all guilty of a slew of negative thoughts when we look in the mirror each day. To prove their point, the band set up a one-way mirror at the conference with a set of earphones attached. You looked in the mirror and a voice greeted you, telling you how beautiful you were. It wasn't recorded. The woman on the other side of the mirror was really seeing you. I stood in line and watched a stream of women moved to tears as they received compliments from the mysterious voice.

In a similar vein to the Always "#likeagirl" campaign, we're witnessing a brand (or in this case a band) ride the girl power wave with a potent jab to the heart. It's marketing at its best, but at the end of the day it's still marketing — and I wonder what that means. Could we see a campaign like this that wasn't pushing the launch of a band? Does it make their message any less authentic?

Watch the video. Listen to the single and decide for yourself. We aren't sure what the future holds for The Mrs but their #imenough campaign was trending on Twitter right alongside #BlogHer14 and #ComicCon.

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