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VIDEO: Baby 'Walks Like Mom' (Adorably)

Toddler "walks like mommy," video goes viral

Ashley Lowry's toddler son Ellis may still be in diapers, but he's already turning out to be quite the little impressionist. The tiny tot has been racking up views on YouTube after he was caught on camera mimicking his mom's walk around the house.

And this isn't just any old walk, either. As Ellis shows, mom Ashley has a certain … shall we say, pronounced style to her gait. As Dad eggs him on to "walk like mommy," the toddler throws back his shoulders, sticks out his belly and walks busily about the house while making grunting noises.

It is, in a word, adorable. But it's made even better once you reach the video's end, and realize just why Mama has been walking that way.

Photo via YouTube

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