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Actress Turns Beyoncé's 'Single Ladies' Into Hilarious Dramatic Monologue

Actress turns Beyonce's "Single Ladies" into dramatic monologue

Hard to believe, but it's been four years since Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" song first dropped. Back when it was new, we all memorized its catchy, catchy chorus, turned up the volume whenever it was on, and — let's be honest — even learned the dance. (Hey, with all the spoofs that swept the Web that year, how could you not know it inside and out?)

It was, and still pretty much is, the anthem for single women everywhere. And now, thanks to a new cover, here it is again, stuck in our heads and not coming out. Except we've never heard it performed quite like this before!

In her Web series "The Beyoncéloques," actress Nina Millin has taken the popular song and reimagined it, turning it into one very dramatic monologue with a Shakespearean slant. And it is brilliant.

This isn't the first time Millin's turned a Beyoncé song into a hilarious monologue. Her penchant for covering Bey tunes first started with her performance of "Irreplaceable" last month and hasn't slowed down. Since then, she's reinterpreted "If I Were a Boy," "Mine," and "Best Thing I Never Had." But so far, we have to say that "Single Ladies" is our fave.

As she told Esquire last month, her inspiration came from a failed karaoke attempt one night. "It all started when I tried to sing Beyoncé at karaoke, and just couldn't do it," she said.

But hey, if at first you don't succeed ...

In the weeks since, Millan kicked off her unintentional Web series and has racked up thousands of YouTube views and a legion of female followers. And no one finds it all more surprising than Millan herself. "I think I misunderstood how beloved Beyoncé is," she said. "I think we're really on to something here."

Image via YouTube

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