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6-Year-Old Shames Thieves Who Stole Her Bikes

6-year-old shames bike thieves with adorable sign

Listen up, thieves of the world: If you think you can just go stealing bikes from 6-year-old Roxy Thompson and get away with it, you better think again. Trust us, you will rue the day.

After the garage at Roxy's Portland, Ore., home was broken into last week, and burglars made off with thousands of dollars worth of bikes, the 6-year-old was pretty livid. So she did what anyone would do in her situation: She wrote an angry sign and posted it at the edge of her yard, complete with sad faces, more than a few exclamation points and a guilt-laden message that would shame even the most brazen thief.

It reads:

Shame on you, bike thieves! Your mom would be so disappointed! Even if she was a villain, she still wouldn't want you to be a villain, too. Sincerely, Resident 6-year-old.

Then she posed with it for a snapshot, while donning a look of utter disdain.

Ironically, the bikes that were stolen weren't even her own — they belonged to Roxy's dad, Rob. But that didn't stop a wave of empathy from washing over the little girl. At first, she was so beside herself by the whole ordeal that she dreamt up all sorts of ways to make it up to him.

"When she offered to give me her life savings, I thought that was super sweet," Rob told KATU. "That's kind of a heart-melter." (It sure is.)

But then, days later, she broke out her markers and created the sign, which even features Dad's sad face, along with the image of a literal broken heart.

"She wants the world to know it's not cool," her dad said, adorably, before letting a KATU reporter video chat with Roxy while she was away on vacation.

Check out the sweet interview below, during which Roxy addresses the thieves again and also shows off her wiggly tooth for the camera.

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