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Baby Girl Accidentally Born in Toilet, Delivered by Dad

Baby girl accidentally born in toilet
Photograph by Getty Images/iStockphoto

Forget all those born-in-the-back-seat-of-the-car birth stories you've heard. This week, little Livia Davis made her grand entrance in an even more unlikely locale: the porcelain throne. Yep, that's right — she was born on a toilet.

It all happened last Friday, when her mom Lillie suddenly went into lightning-fast labor. The Connecticut mom had just returned from the hospital with her husband David, where she had told nurses she was feeling labor pains, but was ultimately turned away and told she wasn't ready yet.

Boy, were the nurses wrong. As soon as the couple got home, Lillie's labor started to get real, and Livia started to crown. The baby was coming so quickly, Dad had no other choice but to deliver her himself, right in the bathroom of their West Haven home. By all reports, he was doing just fine. Er, well except when it came to actually catching her. As it turned out, his baby girl was one slippery little lady, and slipped right through Dad's hands and into the toilet.

"I'm looking in the toilet, nothing is happening there, then I see a head sticking out," David said. "One strong last push. I had my hand on her back, the baby shot out, and I couldn't grab it fast enough. Fell in the water real quick and I pulled her out."

"Thank God, we were near the toilet because … the baby slipped through my hands and actually went in to the water … crying like that," he continued to WVIV-TV.

Sounds like a pretty close call! But kudos to Dad for his heroic efforts. By all accounts, mother and baby are now doing just fine.

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