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Video: Pit Bull Gives Baby Adorable Lick-Down

Pitbull gives baby tongue bath, baby erupts into giggle fit

You may remember the ultra-cute viral video from last month that showed a boxer named Bix giving her tiny human a "bath." From the looks of things, it appeared to be a regular thing between those two. We watched as the little girl sat there intently, leaning back in relaxation as her pup covered her in licks ... and it was adorable.

Today, we bring you another seriously cute baby "bath," featuring baby Elliott and Gemma the pit bull. Except this time, the tongue bath in question causes our baby to erupt into an uncontrollable fit of giggles. And his happiness over it all is absolutely infectious.

Watch as Gemma lathers the little guy in oodles of doggy kisses. Elliott just can't get enough.

There's more where that came from. Elliott's mom lovingly chronicles the friendship between her little guy and his furry pal over on Instagram, where she posts some hands-down adorable photos of the two.

Most of the time, these two just hang out and cuddle.

Other times, they head outdoors for a day of play (with jackets on, of course).

But really, isn't lounging at home just the best?

That, and being silly together.

One thing's for sure — they do know how to mug for the camera.

Though sometimes, Gemma totally hogs the spotlight. (But with that smiling face, she's easily forgiven.)

See more of these two over on Instagram by following Elliott's mom, @peanutbutterpibble.

Images via Instagram

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