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'Inappropriate' Baby Doll Has Parents Everywhere Up in Arms

Parents find baby doll with penis "inappropriate"

The Internet seems to be abuzz this week over one very tiny baby doll and its equally tiny penis. The anatomically correct boy doll is part of the You & Me Mommy Change My Diaper line sold at Toys R' Us, and comes complete with a blue onesie and blue diapers little ones can change. It's supposed to make kids feel like they're dealing with the real thing — it even "wets" its diaper after you give it a bottle. But the fact the boy doll actually has boy parts, and not the usual smooth, confusingly non-gendered look most dolls have down there, is making a lot of people uncomfortable.

Let's just cut to the chase and show you what the fuss is all about:

OK, now that we've gotten that out of the way ...

Debate over the doll first ignited a few days ago, when a concerned parent posted a photo of the doll to Facebook, calling the very presence of its nether regions "inappropriate" and "unnecessary." Many others chimed in that it should come with a warning label. (The post has since been taken down, according to HuffPost.)

But in the days that have followed, many writers and bloggers have come forward to challenge those who say a doll with genitals is somehow vulgar.

As Monica Beyer wrote on SheKnows.com, "How on earth is it inappropriate for a child to see a naked baby? What about a baby makes a penis or a vulva dirty or sexual? Because that's what it sounds like when people say that it's wrong for little girls to see it. The truth is, when a child points out the body part that she doesn't have, all a parent is required to do is call it by its name."

Others have pointed out that we've been buying these "realistic" pants-wetting dolls for our kids for literally decades — we had the Baby Alive, and our moms and grandmas had the Betsy Wetsy. But hey, it's 2014. Maybe it's time that our "realistic" baby dolls actually looked realistic.

What do you think of the doll? Innocent or inappropriate?

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