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Stephen Colbert Offers Teen Girls Some Grown-Up Advice

Stephen Colbert offers dad-like advice to teen girls

It's sometimes easy to forget that the "well-intentioned, poorly informed" Stephen Colbert we see every night on the "Colbert Report" is just a fictional character, born from the mind of comedic genius Stephen Colbert. In reality, the real man behind the news desk is known for being a warm-hearted dad of three, who lives in suburban New Jersey and somehow finds the time to teach Sunday school on the weekend. (Who knew?)

This week, he reminded us all again that he is in fact not the idiotic pundit he plays on TV, when he sat down to answer a few questions for Rookie Mag's "Ask a Grown Man" series. The results? Get ready, because they will leave you with an even bigger soft spot for Colbert than you already had.

Stepping away for a moment from his on-screen persona, Colbert gives sweet and honest dad-like advice on everything from how to handle boys who catcall and harass you when they "like" you, to dealing with your parents' disapproval.

But his sweetest bit of advice? How to tell when a boy really likes you — and more importantly, how to tell him apart from the ones who may like you, but not actually treat you right.

Some of the biggest signs to look out for: "They want to hear your stories; they care how you feel; they want to make your day better; they want to hear your problems," he says.

"Everybody wants to be loved," he explains. "But if somebody goes through the effort to call you, to talk to you, to reach out to you, pay attention to you at a party ... to smile when they see you, ask you your problems ... those are good signs that they like you, because they're making the effort to not be so self-centered that they want you to do that for them."

Sounds like some pretty solid relationship advice to get at any age, if you ask us.

Photo via Vimeo

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