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Time-Lapse Video Shows Mom's Epic Bedtime Battle

Mom films hilarious, yet frustrating, bedtime routine with twins

Oh, the trials and tribulations of bedtime. You can go through 40 rounds of "Goodnight Moon," sing sleepy lullabies for an hour, kiss all their stuffed animals goodnight ... and it may still not be enough to send your wide-awake tot off to Snoozeville. There they sit, not even slightly tuckered out, ready to take on the night, when all you want in the world is for them to "Go the F*ck to Sleep" (in the wise words of Adam Mansbach).

Today, we bring you one mom who feels your pain — and let's be honest, probably has it way worse than you.

Meet Henriette Jonassen, a mom from Norway who not only battles bedtime times two, thanks to her rambunctious twin boys, but also currently struggles to put them to sleep during the long Norwegian summer — when the sun doesn't even set until 10 p.m. (Terrible.) She recently filmed her nightly ordeal on camera and put it all together in a time-lapse video that shows just how tiring/ridiculous/never-ending bedtime can be. It is all at once the funniest and saddest thing we've seen in a while. And yet, it feels so familiar ...

Hats off to you, Henriette. A+ for effort.

We don't know about you, but we're exhausted from just watching that.

Since being posted last week on YouTube, Henriette's nighttime crusade has reached over 2 million hits, and even inspired her to launch a blog about her busy little boys. With it, the 21-year-old mom of two hopes to share the everyday moments of Leo and Nathaniel — the good, the bad, and the totally sleep deprived.

In it, she goes into more detail about her twins' refusal to sleep, and her many many many tactics for getting them down. "I tickle their backs and sing for them," she writes. "I’ve tried to read books for them, but they aren’t interested in listening to me reading, so I sing instead. I keep tickling and singing until they are asleep, sometimes it’s 5 minutes and other times it’s an hour."

Keep it up, Mom; we know it ain't easy!

Photo via YouTube

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