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Couple Use #ShareACoke Campaign to Announce Pregnancy

Couple announce pregnancy with Coke cans

Listen up, moms- and dads-to-be: You better step up your baby announcement game, because Whitney and Patrick McGillicuddy just upped the ante, big time.

Forget mock-rap videos. Forget faux "scary movie" trailers. And Taylor Swift covers? Get outta here. The McGillicuddys have gone straight for the heart with a pregnancy announcement video that blends pop culture humor with genius marketing — all for one surprise ending that is nothing short of adorable.

You know those monogrammed Coke cans you've been seeing everywhere lately? Yeah, we didn't really get why they existed, either. But after seeing how Whitney and Patrick cleverly worked them into their baby announcement, we have a newfound appreciation for them.

Watch below as the couple adorably sip from Coke bottles, only to discover they've taken on the voices of the people whose names grace each bottle. (From Arnold Schwarzenegger to Morgan Freeman). Finally, their voices return to normal once they've sipped from two cans that bear their new names — er, well OK, we won't ruin everything for you. Watch below and enjoy.

All we can say is, Coke must be loving all the free publicity.

Image via YouTube

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